Beauty Tips for Girls Every Teens Must Know

Teen girls usually start to pay more attention to beauty aspects such as skincare and makeup, and beauty tips for girls are different from mature women. Teenage girls want to look great when going to school, hanging out with friends or doing activities outside, but this is the age when acne starts to show up. Teenage girls should treat their skin and do makeup carefully and properly, and pay attention to skin’s health and condition.


The main things to pay attention to during teen age are skin’s health and proper makeup, and if you have teen daughters (or if you are teen), you need to start paying attention to these things.

Skincare Beauty Tips for Girls

Skincare is very important in all beauty tips for girls. Healthy skin will make anyone looks great even with minimum amount of makeup. Plus, skincare will help teens to deal with acne problem. Here are great skincare tips all teen girls should apply:

  • Wash face every morning and evening with warm water. Only water is usually enough for morning, but if the face is especially oily or dirty, use mild facial foam formulated for teenage skin.
  • Never sleep with makeup on or dirty face. The accumulated dirt and oil can seep into the pores and turn into breeding place for bacteria, which will lead to acne.
  • Drink much water, especially for the owners of dry skin. Being hydrated makes the face fresh and skin always supple.
  • Sleep regularly and avoid too much looking at phone or computer screens, especially before bed, since the activity will make it harder to sleep. Regular sleep is one of the best beauty tips for girls and women everywhere; lack of sleep leads to dull skin tone, dark circles under the eyes, and many other conditions.

Once these tips applied, it will be easy for your girls to apply other beauty tips for girls, especially when it comes to makeup.

Makeup Beauty Tips for Girls
Young girls like to put some makeup, although not as thick as adult women. To make sure that the makeup is not excessive yet still chic, here are some great tips:
  • Skip foundation. This product is suitable for women over 20 or 30, but not teenage skin. It will burden the skin and cause acne breakout. The best option to cover blemishes is to use concealer just for problematic spots, or using tinted moisturizer for teenage skin.
  • Play simple, avoid excessive makeup. For special occasions, teen girls can apply concealer for blemishes, continued with light powder and perhaps some light blush or mascara. Apply colored lip balm to keep the lips moist; lip balm is advised over lipstick because the color is usually more subdued, suitable for teens.
  • If the teen girl wants to use glittery makeup, make sure to balance everything up. When wearing glittery eye shadow or blush, for example, do not go overboard on lipstick or mascara.
The most important among beauty tips for girls at teen age is to always show natural beauty. Wear complete makeup only for special occasions, and play lightly for daily activities such as school or hang-out.

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